YC Law firm offers its legal services to Turkish and foreign companies on the different proceedings and the documentation required to obtain a temporary and a permanent work visa for businessmen, executives and professionals. Besides, this Law firm will advise on the requirements that the Turkish immigration law demands in order to apply for citizenship and naturalization.

In this sense, YC Law firm will represent and give legal counsel to clients on dealing with the different administrative proceedings before administrative bodies and courts in Turkey that are in charge of immigration issues. Some of these proceedings include representing clients before courts in high stakes conflicts such as expatriation or the loss of nationality.

Our services also include advices on international and Turkish equivalencies for foreign degrees and credentials as well as the documentation needed for educational and working placements all over the world.

YC Law office will also take into account other issues related to the expenditure of the temporary or permanent working visa such as tax and social security implications and the drafting of employment contracts.