YC Law firm provides legal advice on all areas of Corporate Law. Our law firm located in Esentepe, Istanbul which is  one of the most vibrant and international commercial districts of Istanbul; supports companies at all stages of their business-cycles.

Taking into account the rapid and sweeping changes and reforms in the Turkish Commercial Code, which was entered into force on 01 July 2012, and Investment Law legislation; our law firm offers to its clients an in-depth analyze into the legal issues that can have an impact on business marketplace.

In the Turkish challenging business environment, YC Law firm will supply an interdisciplinary approach to corporate, entrepreneurs and investors. In this sense, our far-reaching experience includes acquisition and mergers of all types of private companies through purchase, capital increase, and corporate reorganization governance of the companies, in organization of capital structures of venture capital companies, also known as start-up companies as well as execution of various cross borders transaction in this field. We also draft companies´ formation documents such as statutes, shareholder´s agreement and articles of associations, General Meetings and those required by the Board of Directors and by law.

To render the best possible advice on corporate and securities law, which has a major impact especially in mergers and acquisitions; utmost attention is paid not only to private law, but also tax and labor law as well as competition law matters. In this sense, we are also specialized in organization of capital structures of venture capital (start-up) companies, joint ventures, in addition to merger and acquisitions and divestitures, state incentive proceedings, know-how and technology transfer, facility management, stock market matters, tax advices, environment, right of use and hotel management.