Our services offer support to companies in their transactions as well as business critical contracts for every stage of their life-cycle such as franchise, commercial outsourcing, partnerships, purchase, supply and sale contracts, agency and distribution contracts joint ventures agreements and mergers and acquisition contracts.

YC Law office offers their expertise in the drafting Intellectual property contracts such as licensing agreements, copyrights, trademarks, royalty’s contracts, patents and commercial IP leasing. Another legal area over which we provide legal advice is the IT and Telecommunications. This service includes software license agreement, warranties, supply contracts, outsourcing contracts and software maintenance contracts.

Our law firm also offers its services to companies in the field of labor and employment law. Our legal expertise includes the drafting of executive contracts and CEOs Contracts that contain clauses such as non-compete clauses, arbitration clauses, compensation clauses and pay-for performance clauses and change-in-control agreement.

YC provides legal advice on contracts concerning the Real Estate and the Construction sector. These contracts include acquisition and sales contracts, leverage contracts, technology, supply and leasing agreements, mortgages, leasing contracts, concession contracts, subcontracts, project management agreements and contract administrations claims. Another main area in Real Estate is the PPP agreements between the public and the private sector in order to provide public services.

Finally, we provide legal counsel on the drafting of contracts in other areas such as energy, law, aviation sector, transportation, taxation, finance, insurance, insolvency and Bankruptcy, intellectual property and business establishment.