Over the last 10 years, the number of Public Private Partnership agreements (known as PPPs) in Turkey has constantly risen as it is thought to be an efficient way of proving public services. PPP has a prominent role in several sectors such as health, sewage systems, tourism, mining, communications, energy and manufacture.

This collaboration between the public and the private sector has been encouraged by the Government and there is even a provision in the Turkish Constitution that contemplates the possibility of using this kind of agreements while providing public services.

YC Law office will help companies at every phase of the PPP projects. First of all, at the project pacification phase our Law firm will provide legal counsel to companies in order to have a fair assessment of the project. Secondly, we will be involved in the drafting of the proposal for the public authorities that will set out the terms of the agreement between the Government and the private sector. Thirdly, YC Law office will support the company in the implementation process of the project and the termination of the PPP agreement when the project is transferred back to the Government.

Finally, if there is any dispute that arises out of the PPP Agreement, YC will also represent clients before the Turkish Commercial Courts or before an arbitration body, as they can also choose this alternative method to resolve their legal disputes.

One of the sectors where this PPP agreement has been widely used is the Turkish Health sector which is also one of the most fast-track developing sectors in Turkey. Large projects such as Integrated Health Campuses and City Hospitals has been built thanks to Public-Private Partnership agreements.