YC Law Firm represents clients effectively in various cases and advise them on choosing the most adequate method in order to find the best business solution, such as arbitration or litigation as well as other possible methods such as mediation. In a global interconnected world, arbitration has become an effective alternative method of dispute resolution. Therefore, we take into account this alternative method when we provide defense to our client in any possible dispute concerning their interests.

Our Law firm offers its services both in national and international arbitration. Besides, YC has been recognized by international institutions such as the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) where our main consultant Adjunct Professor Ilhan Yılmaz has been chosen as one of the four designees for Turkey.

YC Law Firm has a broad experience in serving domestic and foreign parties before major arbitral institutions around the world. Consequently, this enables us to arbitrate for our clients in a broad range of subjects and sectors such as international trade, contracts, energy and investment protection, telecommunications, transportation, etc.

Our lawyers have represented internationally and globally our clients in different proceedings such as enforcement of awards, interim annulment or review of arbitral award and recognition of foreign awards and judgments in Turkey. Experienced litigators of YC have a unique insight into the latest changes in the Turkish legislation, the governmental policies and the procedural developments in Turkey. This unique position enables us to apply a different approach to the legal matters in order to defend and represent our clients. Therefore, our litigators will effectively pursue and defense litigation in different areas such as class action, corporate law, IT, telecommunication, and construction on behalf of our clients.

Our law firm aims at finding the most effective business solutions for our clients in order to cause as little disruption as possible to their business.