YC gives advice on all the issues that might rise out of an insolvency and Bankruptcy proceedings. Our law firm defends creditors, corporations, buyers of assets, debtors and any party involved in a distressed situation by handling these difficult negotiations, representing them before the courts and finding the best legal solution out of them.

In order to handle distressed situations related to crisis situations, we provide a consultancy service that includes litigation and dispute resolution, re-organization and reconstruction of the companies, debt restructuring, purchase and sale bankruptcy claims, formal restructuring and informal workout.

All services include all kind of transactions in this field while supplying an inter-disciplinary approach. In this sense, we respond to our clients needs by providing legal counsel on areas related to insolvency and Bankruptcy such as Tax law, corporate law, labor law, administrative law and finance.

Besides, Yılmaz & Ciner Law office will support and represent clients while dealing with debt collections. Our services cover the different stages of the debt collection. First of all, our lawyers offer legal support to the first stage of the proceeding while both the Administration and the debtor try to reach an out-of-court solution.

Secondly, if this amicable stage doesn’t result in a settlement between parties, our lawyers will represent clients in the legal procedure before the judges. This legal procedure includes different parts: from the order of payment, the objection to the debt, the appeal against the objection, the retaining order to the public sale.

YC will put in use their expertise in the bankruptcy, insolvency law and Debt collection on behalf of your company in order to minimize the risks of financial distress situations and to assess the magnitude of the problem.