For the last 10 years, Turkey has shown a remarkable economic performance. Over this past decade, Turkish economy has grown with an average annual GDP growth rate of 5 percent. In addition, Istanbul has attracted most of the many international investments in Turkey and this current situation is deemed to continue in the near future. Projects such as the construction of the world´s biggest new airport, a new canal on the European side of the city, and a new bridge over the Bosporus, which connects Europe and Asia, are only three examples of the biggest projects in Europe´s fastest-growing city, Istanbul.

YC Law firm provides legal counsel to companies in order to apply the best techniques to organize, assess and finance all kind of business projects. Our law firm aims at supporting companies to mitigate all possible risks that these transactions involved.

Our lawyers will bring their wide range of experience to all the legal matters in order to cover all the necessities of companies when they set up new business projects. Our services include the preparation of the legal plan according to the circumstances, the assessment of the possible legal risks involved in the operation, the analyze of the legislative provisions concerning the legal matter, the assessment of the credit requirements of lenders as well as other stages such as tax evaluation, banking and accounting considerations.

In addition, Yılmaz & Ciner Law office offers our expertise in the field of Public Private Partnerships (“PPP”) in order to successfully fulfill our clients´ requirements. The realization of the diverse projects in Turkey has emphasized the need of collaboration between the public and the private sector. PPPs has emerged as an important partnership in various sectors such as infrastructure, large-scale construction works, healthcare facilities, education institutions, real estate, manufacturing and communications networks.

Therefore, not only does our legal advice helps all kind of companies to achieve the standards required for this kind of projects but also we provide legal support in all the matters involved in this PPPs agreements such as the drafting of the contracts and their termination.