YC Law office offers a comprehensive advice on Real Estate deals in order to give legal counsel to our clients on an array of legal matters. First of all, all services include the sales and acquisition of different projects such as shopping mall, office building, hotels, industrial ware houses, business parks and residential areas.

Our Law office has a wealth of experience in designing the legal structures needed for the purchase, sale, construction and managements of real states projects. These services includes negotiations, project management, risk analysis, drafting of leasing agreements and construction contracts as well as the designing of real estate financing.

Our law office also provides legal advice to companies on the organization of Real Estate complexes. YC Law office has a wealth of experience in the organization of shopping malls, leisure centers, hotels, residential developments and condominium properties.

In order to provide added value to our clients, we offer an interdisciplinary approach to this field as we take into account other areas involved in the Construction and Real State sector. YC law office will put in use their know-how in the construction and Real Estate sector in order to successfully offer the best legal counsel.